When you lose your job

Posted By Shafiq Jasar on Mar 4, 2012 | 0 comments

For many people, the loss of a job is perhaps one of the most devastating things that can happen in life. There are several reasons for that:

1. Emotional:

Whether a person quits a job or he/she is fired, the emotional pain is almost the same. The person may blame herself, her employer and even her family. She feels betrayed.

2. Financial:

The loss of a job generally has an immediate impact on the individual’s pocketbook. Money worries is the second biggest issue that surfaces either simultaneously or just after the first shock of emotional pain. Although loss of income is not always an immediate concern, for most people it is something that cannot be ignored for too long. People often live from paycheque to paycheque.

3.  Self-doubt:

When the initial dust of joblessness settles, a battery of questions comes to mind:

  • Was it my fault that I lost my job?
  • Am I getting old and not able to work as good and hard as I used to work?
  • Am I too you young and less experienced than others?
  • Do I lack interpersonal skills?

These and a myriad of similar questions are played on our mind again and again when looking for an answer to why we no longer have a job.

4.  Habitual

Humans are creatures of habits. Our entire life is boxed in routines and habits. Change our routines, and we are lost.

People enjoy the regularity of jobs. Here are some of the specific routines:

  • Getting up at a certain time to prepare for work.
  • Going to and coming back from work at a certain time.
  • Cursing the traffic while on the road.

The Bugs Bunny Show Routine: In the show, Sam, the Sheepdog, and Ralph, the wolf, start the workday together with a hello, then fight the whole day with one another. At the end of their shift, they both punch their cards and say goodbye to each other. The next day they do the same again. There is a lesson to us all in the show about addiction to routine. Don’t take me wrong, routine is part of life, however, a balance has to be struck.

When people lose their jobs, the pre, during and after work routine is hard to forget. They miss it terribly. All the good and the bad at their last workplace look to them like beautiful pictures in even more beautiful frames hung in front of them.

With a little bit of work, we can change this. It shouldn’t be that difficult to look forward to the future and find new and better opportunities, opportunities that are not necessarily dependent on a job, far from it. You can create a life in which money can be made from your skills by you without working for someone.

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