Life Without Jobs is finally coming together

Posted By Shafiq Jasar on Dec 8, 2012 | 0 comments

Life Without Jobs is finally coming together

By Shafiq Jasar

December 8, 2012

My eBook, Life Without Jobs: how to make great money from what you already know, was supposed to be available on the web a long time ago. Unfortunately, so many personal tasks took priority over everything else including the eBook. Finally, the cover was designed by a good friend of mine, Tony Silveira, who also created this website for me. The eBook itself is at the hand of an experienced formatter now. Once the formatting is done, it will be available at most online stores including Amazon, Apple, Sony, Barnes and Noble, Diesel, Kobo and others.

The Life Without Jobs eBook is based on my over 25 years of experience in helping my clients create their ideal businesses to live the job-free lifestyle.

This eBook is a good read and offers great guidance to those who want to make a living from their own skills instead of working for someone else. It is written in a simple and straight forward manner. The Life Without Jobs eBook deals with almost all issues that people who want to live free from jobs are faced with.

This eBook shows the reader how to use his or her own existing skills to make money without spending money. The businesses you can start are simple and require no investments at all. This step by step guide not only deals with the business side of the issue but also with how to manage your personal life as well.

My hope is that many people will be able to take advantage of this eBook and its simple step by step approach towards financial freedom.

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