How to Enjoy Life When Out of Work?

Posted By Shafiq Jasar on Mar 1, 2012 | 0 comments

When you are out of work, voluntarily or fired, it is not easy to relax and enjoy the free time you have. The irony is when we are employed we are obsessed with the idea of having some free time. The mere mention of a vacation brings dazzling lights into our eyes.

Once there is a chance to have that free time we tend to forget its value. Suddenly everything else becomes more important. The world changes overnight. Ah! that job sweet job instantaneously replaces the fascination we used to have with vacation and free time.

Perhaps we need someone to wake us up and tell us, shut up and enjoy what is at hand.

Or maybe we don’t need that and instead could use something else: A routine that could act as a pain killer.

 Creating a Routine:

How does creating a routine can help you to enjoy your free time

Easy: When you used to work for someone else you had a well planned routine in your life. Without it, you could not function effectively. Your day was divided into dozens of tasks. Now, everything has changed. No more early morning showers. No more running to work as if a bank robber were being chased by the police. No more swearing at the driver ahead of you who was stopped for the yellow traffic lights and deprived you from the chance to go through a red light.

You are repeatedly asking yourself: “What can I do with all that free time”?

Relax! Creating a good and healthy routine can take care of your unsettled mind.

1.  Get up early in the morning as if you were going to work. Have your morning rituals as before: shower, breakfast and so on. Dress up if that makes you feel better.

2. The first day of this exercise, create a simple list of activities for that day. Make sure that you follow your schedule. After the first day the list should be prepared the night before if possible.

3.  Have a morning walk regardless of the weather. Otherwise go to a mall or do some other form of exercise. This is a must.

4. Have a healthy lunch. Make sure that you allow at least half an hour for your lunch. Then take a nice brisk walk. Look at nature and contemplate on life. See yourself as a part of this breathtaking mosaic. See other beings also as an integral part of this whole.

You may realize that you are not less or more important in this universe than everything else. This may make your problems extremely trivial even in your own eyes.

5. If you wish, you may do some activities or decide to have a lovely nap. People who are used to napping generally have better health and live longer.

6. Fill the late afternoon with other activities, the kind that please you.

7. Prepare a healthy dinner for yourself. Have it with your loved ones. Eating together, especially when focused on food and each other, nourishes relationships. If you are alone, you can create the same atmosphere by allowing your mind to focus on the present and appreciate the great food on your plate.

8. Go for a walk afterward.

9. Spend the rest of the evening on whatever you like. Watch a comedy, read a book. Anything but news and violent programs can do.

10. Prepare a list of your next day schedule. It could be similar to the one from the previous day or it may be different. Make sure that the major elements of your schedule always remain the same.  This consistency can put your mind at ease.

11. Do some meditation or you may prefer to pray instead. Then think of all the pleasant things that happened in your life today. Appreciate each one of them and learn not to take anything for granted.

12. Bed Time:  Make sure to go to bed early unless you are a night owl.

The only justification for going late to bed is if you are more productive in the morning wee hours. Otherwise, get into the habit of early sleeping. It is healthy and contributes to your longevity.

If you follow these steps, before you know it, you will be enjoying your gift of free time.

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