More Americans Choose to Work for Themselves: 14 Millions and Growing

Posted By Shafiq Jasar on Dec 16, 2012 | 0 comments

More Americans Choose to Work for Themselves: 14 Millions and Growing

By Shafiq Jasar

December 16, 2012

The United States, just like Canada and the rest of the developed world, is increasingly leaning towards job-free style of working. Although some people might have turned to self-employment because of the economic downturn in the United States, a larger number of them are voluntarily choosing to be in charge of their own destiny.

There is a growing trend in all major US cities towards self-employment. Houston, Texas leads the pack in this regards. In the last 10 years, self-employment has grown by 51 percent. Overall, self-employment grew by an average 12 percent in past few years. Now there are 14 million Americans who work for themselves. Houston and Seattle are leading the rest of American cities, followed by Phoenix and Riverside, California.

Europe and Australia may be not that far from the North American trends in this regards. In fact, from all evidence it seems that Australia may be moving faster than North America in this regards. In some European countries, especially in Eastern Europe, self-employment is a growing part of the economy. In Italy at least 40 percent of the workforce is considered to be independently working for itself.

The job-free phenomenon is spreading quite fast in the US. In four years alone, between 2008 and 2012, there has been 10 percent increase in the number of people choosing to be self-employment in major American urban centres. In some sectors such as energy the growth is at least 35%. In Houston, over a ten year period, the self-employment economy has grown by 51 percent.

Experts agree that the growth of self-employment is an irreversible trend globally. One thing is for sure: that we should be seeing more and more people, young and not so young, will be joining their brothers and sisters in the job-free economy.

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