The Wonder of a Five Minute Break

Posted By Shafiq Jasar on Mar 14, 2012 | 0 comments

Some time ago, I read a book called “The Power of Five” written by two Americans, Harold H. Bloomfield, MD and Dr. Robert K. Cooper, PhD, and published by Rodale Books. In this book, the authors explain how you can benefit from a five minute break now and then during the day. You can break down the daily half an hour recommended exercise to five minute segments and still benefit from it. There are many useful ideas in this book and I recommend it to everyone.

Based on what these two doctors recommend and from what I have learned through years of studying about healthy life style and longevity, I came up with the following formula for a healthy daily work life:

Take a five minute break after every fifty five minutes of work. Stand up, stretch and do some aerobic movement. This habit, in addition to other wise and healthy choices, may decrease one’s chance of getting colon cancer, common among people with a sedentary life style. This moving around can prevent other life threatening illnesses associated with modern living such as cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.

Personally I go a step further and often take a ten minute break after each fifty minutes of work. I exercise for five minutes and walk around or get myself a glass of ice water. Since I am working from home, in those ten minutes I have a chance to chit chat with my wife too.

The five minute rule is such a useful tool that can be applied to so many areas of your daily life. Learning to break the day into small time units will enable you to achieve a lot in less time. It will also enable you to avoid boredom. Boredom happens when you have too much time on your hand and not knowing how to fill it. Just learn to plan ahead and divide your day into small units of time.

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