Ten Steps To Overcome A Job Loss?

Posted By Shafiq Jasar on Mar 4, 2012 | 0 comments

The first thing to do is to allow yourself unwind. This is easier said than done. However, there is a way to do it in a simple way. Here is a list of points to deal with in the order of their numbers.

1.  Take some time off to yourself: Go to a movie, walk in a park, stroll along a beach if you are near the water, go to your favorite restaurant or café or do any other activity outside your home that makes you happy. You can do this alone or can take a good friend along with you. Make sure that he or she is not from your previous workplace. This is very important. Let’s have fun for Life’s sake!

2. Write Down All Your Job Related Worries: Pick a good place and time and write down every single issue that worries you about your job loss. Make sure to write everything. Let them set for a while (hours or days).

3. Then review the list. Separate the most urgent items from the not so urgent ones. See which ones in your list are really urgent. Urgent means that they cannot wait and have to be dealt with right away. May be the rent money is not there and you need to either borrow it or find some work. Or perhaps the tuition fee for your kid’s college is due in a month time and you have to find a source to take care of it. These are real urgencies.

4. Have another piece of paper. Divide it into two columns. To the left side, make a list of these priorities. Put the most important ones on top of the list. Leave plenty of empty space between the listed items.

5. To the right side, find solutions to these specific problems. Write as many solutions that come to your mind. Remember, don’t analyze your answers whether they are practical, logical and feasible at this moment or not. Just let your creative mind make some suggestions to you.

6. Once the list is done, then on another piece of paper, write down what you can immediately do to deal with that specific issue. See whether a friend, a family member or a professional outside your circle of friends can help you.

7. Take the best solutions from the list as your first choice options. But don’t ignore the rest of the list. There may be some precious diamonds left behind that could help you in the long run. For now focus on the easy and practical ones.

8. Now, allow yourself some rest time. Don’t let your brain bring all of the issues discussed and dump them on you. Remember, you have already made a clear list of what is urgent and what is not. If necessary go back to your list and reassure your concern mind that everything is going to be okay.

9. Deal with one issue at a time. It will make your life easy.

10. Follow on your priority list. You will respect yourself and as long as you are doing something useful there is little time left for feeling down.

Have fun with your free time and enjoy it as much as you can. Remember, this is your life. Don’t waste it on trivial worries.

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