Life Without Jobs

Just imagine a life that is job free

Always wear a Smile

Posted By on Mar 14, 2012

Nothing makes a person more charming than a genuine smile. People who smile a lot and have a good sense of humour are more likely to win business contracts, make more sales and be successful in a job interview than those who are moody. A smile is a sign of self-confidence. We all like people who are sure of themselves. Therefore, we easily accept them as friends and prefer to do business with them. Furthermore, there are many health...

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The first thing to do is to allow yourself unwind. This is easier said than done. However, there is a way to do it in a simple way. Here is a list of points to deal with in the order of their numbers. 1.  Take some time off to yourself: Go to a movie, walk in a park, stroll along a beach if you are near the water, go to your favorite restaurant or café or do any other activity outside your home that makes you happy. You can do this...

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When you lose your job

Posted By on Mar 4, 2012

For many people, the loss of a job is perhaps one of the most devastating things that can happen in life. There are several reasons for that: 1. Emotional: Whether a person quits a job or he/she is fired, the emotional pain is almost the same. The person may blame herself, her employer and even her family. She feels betrayed. 2. Financial: The loss of a job generally has an immediate impact on the individual’s pocketbook. Money...

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When you are out of work, voluntarily or fired, it is not easy to relax and enjoy the free time you have. The irony is when we are employed we are obsessed with the idea of having some free time. The mere mention of a vacation brings dazzling lights into our eyes. Once there is a chance to have that free time we tend to forget its value. Suddenly everything else becomes more important. The world changes overnight. Ah! that job sweet...

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Develop the Now Habit

Posted By on Mar 14, 2011

In business, and life in general, taking prompt action is one of the most outstanding leadership qualities and a key element to grab opportunities as they become available. You cannot afford procrastinating important decisions. Almost everything you do in business either brings you money or takes it away from you. Missed opportunities can be very costly. Learn to make timely decisions and act on them promptly. Always weigh the pros...

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