This site is dedicated to the millions of people around the world who are without jobs and wish to make money from home without working for someone else.

My passion is to help people like you, every step of the way, to realize their dream of becoming job-free.

The contents on this site are written in simple and clear English, free from confusing words and jargons. There are two reasons for that: Simple writing makes reading more enjoyable for most people while absorbing the new information. There is another more important lesson in this: Getting used to the simplicity principle. Simplicity in life can bring peace and tranquillity to us. Living in simplicity will reduce the daily stress associated with unnecessary complication we bring to our lives.

I would like you to become part of our community by sharing your experience from your travel on the road to self-employment and working from home.

We will be publishing the stories of individuals who successfully adapted the job-free lifestyle.

These stories, if accepted, can be published on our blog. The writers must agree that there will be no compensation for their articles and stories. We will give full credit to the authors of these articles and if they wish, they can create a link to their blogs/websites at the bottom of their articles.